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All you need is a VIDEO!

In product detail pages, most sellers focus on listing copy and images because, in most cases, those two are the requirements coming from the eRetailers. Some of them focus on rich content. Yet providing customers with easily digestible and catchy content requires a lot more resources and well-thought-out strategy. And yet, only a few of them add product videos. If you are in the latter group, it is time for a change! 

Adding product videos to your product gallery can massively improve the customer experience. Your product stands on a digital shelf. It means potential customers cannot physically interact with it – physical sensations, smells, or touch will not encourage them to make a purchase. Here the digital world lends a (virtual) helping hand! Watching a video comes closest to that moment of product discovery and true connection.  Videos do a much better job than static content alone; they allow your customers to understand and visualize your product better. Numbers don’t lie. As many as 96% of US shoppers* state that a product video helps them make purchase decision while shopping online.

Let’s take a closer look at video benefits:

  • It’s a great way to tell the story behind the product and bring it to life, which in turn enables customers to deduce for whom the product is designed,
  • It shows a product from different angles and perspectives,
  • It presents product features and benefits in a catchy and an easy-to-grasp way,
  • It gives you a competitive advantage since videos are still often neglected by competitors,
  • It might also reduce negative comments about a product as video gives shoppers clear product expectations.

Also, we must highlight the fact that video has an impact on product ranking. Optimizing the product detail page can directly impact product rankings – and sales. Adding a video to a product page can increase CR and, thus, impact rankings as purchase likelihood increases. The effect might be visible in the long run.

Still not convinced? Let’s get inspired by the Asian market, the king of the digital landscape. Some eRetailers, e.g. Lazada, offer the possibility to implement multiple videos instead of static images on a product detail page. Get inspired by the Asian giant and start selling more!

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