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Demand Generation - boost your brand's visibility and sales

Imagine opening a physical store on the high street and forgetting about a signboard... 

Seems like a totally unreasonable decision, right?

Now imagine you've already invested a huge budget in eCommerce content, its localization and implementation across your key markets and major eRetailers. But what about its exposure and visibility to the consumers? 

Does it seem like a reasonable approach to you?

Let's see how to create brand visibility that works

What’s the rationale behind spending money on content which will not be seen, thus making it extremely hard for customers to buy your products?

Mass-market multi-category eCommerce platforms (marketplaces, huge eRetailers) offer millions of SKUs, hundreds of brands and tons of different product categories. It’s painfully easy for a brand to NOT be found! But brands cannot afford this luxury. Visibility is the key element of successful business growth.

How to build visibility for your brand and products and capture visitors' attention?

DEMAND GENERATION eCommerce campaigns are your answer. 

  • DemGen activates consumers browsing through an eRetailer site and exposes them to your products in different ways - depending on a given platform advertising and technical possibilities. 
  • DemGen generates additional web traffic to your brand’s assets using various techniques: from mobile & desktop ad placements, through taking advantage of eRetailer functionalities like recommendation boxes or promotional overlays, to post-purchase tactics, newsletters and eRetailer's on-site and off-site product campaigns.

The Demand Generation tactics’ primary focus is to convert a visitor into a client. To do that, brands must capture visitors’ attention as early as possible, just after they visit the platform, and redirect them to their assets (products, brand stores, product listings, landing pages, educational pages and more). Otherwise... other brands will do it.

No traffic = no sales.

Investing in Demand Generation campaigns, or, in other words, investing in acquiring additional traffic to your brand’s assets on a given platform, is an absolute no-brainer.

eCommerce Joint Business Plans (JBPs) and media plans aiming to build visibility of your products are as old as webshops, not to mention that most key players, including your competitors, are already doing it.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Let's talk about the possibilities enabled by DEMAND GENERATION campaigns. Let us help you make your brands visible so shoppers can buy your products!